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Please Note: This prompt is suitable for persons 16 years of age and over.

Lone Wolf

They say old habits die hard and Alex Farrington was not about to prove anyone wrong. He had borrowed a friend’s motorbike and jacket and was now AWOL in the Scottish Highlands. He had to get away, he needed time to think.
    Danny Stanmere was due to be picked up and brought in to HQ(2) as it looked like he was the rogue operative they had been looking for. Brandy Taylor had been on Sean Tanner’s list of possible suspects and Alex had fought hard to clear her name. Alex was a good friend to Stanmere when he first came to London; he had helped him get a position at the Hub. Stanmere moved over to HQ a year before Alex but they didn’t see much of each other after that.
    Alex decided to make himself scarce as he wouldn’t be able to control himself if he came face to face with Stanmere.

As Alex pulled up near a small public house the door suddenly opened and a man ran out and past him. Alex took a good look at him as he ran by; he’d seen enough dodgy situations to realise that something wasn’t right.
    A few seconds later a number of men ran out looking in all directions for the first man.
    Alex stopped one of them. “What’s happened?”
    “A stabbing, we called for an ambulance and the police. That bastard better keep running, if I get hold of him I’ll beat the shit out of him.”
    “Who’s been hurt?” Alex asked.
    “My nephew, Shane. I don’t think it’s serious. He’ll live, but I’ll tell you, my blood’s boiling at the moment.”
    “Let’s go inside, I’ll take a look at Shane,” said Alex.
    Inside the pub, people were gathered around Shane, but unsure what to do. One of the barmaids brought over a first aid kit and Alex took over to apply a field dressing. The wound was not serious, so Alex decided to wait for the ambulance crew so they could finish looking the lad over.
    “I’m Bernard,” said Shane’s uncle. “I appreciate your help. We need more blokes like you around here to show these dregs what a real man looks like.”
    “Anyone would have done the same.”
    “I don’t know about that, nowadays they’d step over you if you collapsed in the street.”
    “Tell me, does this pub have guest rooms?”
    “Oh, Yeah, they don’t get many visitors stay in them, but they’d be glad of the extra money.”
    Alex spoke to the barmaid once the ambulance left. Shane was free to go home and rest up, so Alex parked the motorbike round the back of the pub, ordered a meal and went up to his room.

The next day there was a commotion outside the pub that woke Alex. He could see Bernard arguing with another man and they had to be separated by onlookers. Bernard entered the pub and Alex met him at the bottom of the stairs.
    “What’s up?” Alex said.
    Bernard broke down in tears, “Shane’s been killed, that bastard McKrinoch came for him last night, the lad didn’t stand a chance. I’ve just had a go at his dad, but he won’t talk.”
    “Have the police been called?” Alex asked.
    “There out looking for McKrinoch now. Shane was taken away by ambulance but he died on the way to hospital.”
    “Have his parents been informed?”
    “He only had his mum, my brother passed away years ago.” Bernard sat on a stool at the bar. “Shane’s mum is in pieces. I’ve never seen her like that.”
    Alex sat next to Bernard. “Does this McKrinoch have friends who live around here? He might be lying low with one of them.”
    “The police know where to look, they know all the scumbags around here. If he’s still in the village they’ll find him.”
    “If you don’t mind me asking, what was this all about? People don’t usually get murdered without a reason.”
    “The usual, fighting over a lass. Shane had recently hooked up with McKrinoch’s ex-girlfriend Shona. Everyone warned him he was playing with fire, but he was young and stupid; he thought she was fair game as they broke up over six months ago.”
    “What’s McKrinoch’s first name?”
    “I’ll get one of the barmaids to sit with you. I’m going to ask around the village to see if I can get a heads-up on McKrinoch.”

Alex had been knocking on doors all morning but drew a blank. He decided to try a different approach and looked for a shop that sold tablets. He came across a small independent phone retailer who set him up with an internet ready tablet....

Turn on the tablet.